Sunday, April 5, 2009

uploader's remorse

I planned to write my blog this morning on regretting with hot faced embarrassment the quality of my most recent piece, "The Hand of Justice" (future blog)... but my memoir classmates did it for me - I've plagiarized the words they used when uploading their own pieces:


roughest draft in the world...
I am "telling" a lot
scenes are coming
pick the best ones
for the piece.
question is
for or against?
Should I
choose one issue,
stick with that?
or should I
tie them

I’ve bitten off
more then i can chew.
back there again.
an early draft
as yet unfinished
very rough
working on that!

a little overwhelmed
with information
so I feel like
is there?
a lot of telling
not enough showing.
still struggling
what it wants
when it grows up.

two essays here
I'm wondering
what to keep
what to save
another time.


add a title,
open this one.
(so far)
never managed
I'm sorry
it's late—

Let me know!


  1. Love this Janice. You are so clever! Really interesting how insecure we all are...but the good news is, you can only BUILD confidence! And, I know that's what this workshop is doing:)

  2. Ha ha. I was trying so hard not to resort to a disclaimer, but was definitely the one who wrote "DRAFT." :-)

  3. Wow. I want to publish this immediately, if not sooner. It completely captures the vulnerability we all feel, even in the secure environment of a workshop with friends.

    What needy and fragile creatures we writers are!

  4. In the poetry world we'd call this a "found poem," Janice. Nice job.
    We all know these are drafts and we will treat them with the respect all as yet unborn children deserve, but we'll also, I hope, have a sense of humor about it.

    See you soon!

  5. So good! I had never noticed how many disclaimers we add to everything, but wow. My theater teacher always yelled at us if we tried to put a disclaimer in front of anything we did, so maybe we need to remember to own our writing a little more. Thanks for posting this Janice. :)


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