Wednesday, January 7, 2009

first blog

hello wide world...
what better way to start this new fangled 'blogging' then with a poem about my father. I've been thinking about him recently, perhaps because my son is about to become a father himself. So for my first blog, here's a poem about the day my father died.

Father’s Last Day

There is barely room around the bed
of this cherished man

We stand, hold hands
Say Our Father
hushed and reverent.

Young ones tuck their heads
on the chests of their mothers.

Aware of each breath,
They glance at their feet, up to us.

by this life and then death.

Outside, a June rain falls
soft, straight and sure.

The blossoms stand grateful.

Janice Anderson

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  1. I read that you are interested in writing a memoir? I just wrote one about my life through addiction and recovery, and have sent it off to publishers. No acceptance letters so far. I'd like to get to know you better. Your poem for your father reminds me of the poem I wrote for my grandmother after she passed of stomach cancer in 2008. check my newly created page up. I only have two poems up in my Inside me blog, and I am fixing to add a blog about my life in addiction. Have a great day! Oh, and I'm going to become a follower of your site. I can't wait to hear more!


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